Turns back and forth


The servomotor turns back and forth. The servo motor rotates up to 180 degrees and moves to a certain position depending on the signal it receives. The stronger the signal, the further the motor rotates. You can change the direction of the arm by turning the switch on the side. The rotating (white) part of the motor has holes so you can use split pins to fix self-made parts on this part.

Attention! Make sure you don't overload the servomotor. Try not to attach too heavy things to it. Test the motor as soon as you have it and/or see the specifications for the power it can handle.

The servo motor comes with a signal cable as standard.
The servomotor is an output part (actuator)

This part is standard delivered with different BYOR kits

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Additional Information


Signal Cable


Output section

60 x 60 x 35 mm

0,05 Kg

Turning range
180 degrees

1.6kg - cm