With the BYOR blueprints, you can quickly and easily build beautiful creations. They come as standard with the various complete BYOR kits. You glue them onto cardboard and cut along the printed lines to form the parts of a construction kit. The blueprints show exactly where the BYOR parts can be attached to make a working creation. Blueprints are printed on recycled, thicker paper. Some you can even print yourself at home. There are several blueprints with different creations and levels of difficulty. Programme your creations with the micro:bit to give them their own behaviour or fine-tune their working.

2D blueprints

From ages 6 and up

Blueprint ghost mask

The simplest blueprint

Blueprint dog

Build a wagging dog!

Blueprint windmill

Build a turning windmill!


Colouring sheet blueprint

Light (LED) & Sound

The Faire

Colouring sheet blueprint

Rotating (stepper motor) & Knob

Mini golf

Colouring sheet blueprint

Movement (servo) & Distance


Colouring sheet blueprint

Movement (servo) & Distance

Open blueprints

Draw the rest yourself (set)

Build templates

Helpful when building your creations

3D blueprints

From ages 8 and up

Blueprint Flahslight

Build an alien flashlight!

Blueprint communication dish

Build a rotation communication dish!

Blueprint Monkey

Build a robot monkey!

Blueprint candy machine

Bouw een werkende snoepmachine!

Blueprint Space station

Build a space station!


Explanation and templates

Blueprints manual

How to work with blueprints

General manual BYOR

How does the BYOR electronics work?

Build Book

Bedenk zelf makkelijk iets!