About Us

Our vision

We dream of a world in which everyone lives responsibly with their environment. Because our environment is getting inceasingly more technological, we find it important that everyone knows how this technology works and what the impact can be. This concerns not only privacy implications, but also the impact on our living environment and climate. Instead of changing behavior in adults, we want to start at the core and teach the right mindset at an early age. This is how we are working towards a new responsible, green generation!

Our mission

To teach every child about sustainability, creativity and technology. We do this in an active, constructive and creative way. We do this with products that offer a lot of freedom in creation, so every child can add his or her own twist to our products, and there is intrinsic motivation to get started and stay busy! Watch the video to see what made inventor and founder Teun van Roessel decide to start BYOR!

Our partners

Premium Training Partner



The BYOR Team is a young, dynamic team which develops and sells modern teaching materials. We think in possibilities and like to work together to make even more impact. So if you want to buy a BYOR kit, work with us or you have a custom assignment for which you want to use our team, don't hesitate to contact us.

Teun van Roessel


Teun wanted to think of something to teach his little nephew about technology and sustainability. It turned out to be so much more.

Immanuel Vivi Tula

Workshop Entertainer

Go wild with your creativity during the workshops of Immanuel! "Out of the box? There is no box!"

Ivy Kneppers

Workshop Tinker Queen

Ivy builds everything you can think of and more!


You can mail us at info@byor.nl or call on + 31 (0) 40 304 17 95.
Fuutlaan 14K | 5613 AB | Eindhoven

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