The world our children grow up in is becoming increasingly technological. BYOR was developed to teach children to use this technology responsibly. Using waste as a raw material, they can design, build and program robots, devices or interactive art objects themselves, learning a lot in the process. Read more about Our mission.

What is BYOR | Build Your Own Robot?

BYOR | Build Your Own Robot is an electronics kit that allows you to build your own interactive robot, device or art object in no time. The electronic components of the different BYOR-kits are easy and versatile to use and in materials such as cardboard, wood and plastic. Use recycled materials such as scrap paper, old packaging and various craft materials to make the creation all your own. When the creation is ready, it can even be programmed by adding the Micro:Bit-chip. With BYOR, you learn all about design, programming and recycling in the most active and fun way possible! Want to get started quickly? Check out the possibilities in our shop.

How does BYOR | Build Your Own Robot work?

BYOR consists out of 3 different types of parts, de input-parts, the output-parts and the Easyboard (brain). It all starts with the brain, which has an input side (blue sticker) and an output side (green sticker). On the blue side the input parts (blue) are connected and on the green side the output parts (green) are connected. If these are connected directly across from each other, they will interact. Connect the parts (+ a power bank to the Easyboard) and the electronics work. It's that simple!

All blue input parts are sensors, these are going to perceive (sense) something, all green output parts are going to do something. There are four different input parts and four different output parts. All green parts react to all blues, so you can freely combine!

Input parts

Distance sensor
Rotary knob
Light sensor
Sound sensor

Output parts

Servo motor
Stepper motor
LED light

The next step is to secure these parts to cardboard or other materials. This can easily be done with cotter pins. You can also start programming with the micro:bit-chip.

The video below explains what BYOR is, how it works and how best to apply BYOR in your own creations!

Fancy building your masterpiece? Each of the BYOR kits includes all the parts to get started right away. Check out the options in our shop.

Freedom of creation

The kit's parts can be easily attached to free scrap materials such as cardboard. With the BYOR kit, kids are completely free to design their robot or device. If a 3D printer or laser cutter is available, it can of course also produce (parts of) the robot. There are many more possibilities, check out our inspiration page to get inspired.

Program your own robot

When the standard operation of the Easyboard no longer suffices or when new functionality is needed, the Easyboard (brain) can be expanded upon with the Micro:bit-chip. This chip is extremely accessible and thus easy for children to program themselves in a visual programming language.

The video below explains the easiest way to programme with BYOR and micro:bit.
Basic knowledge of BYOR is required, so watch the video above if you haven't seen it already.

The micro:bit as an upgrade is available separatelySee all different possibilities in our shop.