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BYOR for business

Corporate training, gifts and cooperation

BYOR for business

For corporate training, corporate gifts, partnerships and/or working on your CSR policy, BYOR is the place to be. The product was developed to do a design process with physical results in a short time. In addition, BYOR was developed from a sustainable mission, waste is used as a raw material for the creations and all parts are reusable.
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Boosting the innovation mindset with a training Design Thinking.
Building your team during a BYOR teambuilding workshop
An interactive custom corporate gift
Promoting technology, sustainability or culture

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Corporate training

Get your team a new mindset with BYOR's Design Thinking training. During this training, you will go through the different steps of the design process. You will practise different brainstorming techniques, shape your own real-world prototype and start giving the best pitch possible. Learn to work agile and do quick iterations in the form of user research and testing. Learn how to listen to the market and your end-user's needs through rapid user research. Get a more creative and innovative mindset with BYOR's design thinking training.