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For training courses, company events or building with, and on your team through team-building, BYOR | Build Your Own Robot is the place to be. The extremely accessible yet versatile BYOR electronics are perfect for a creative, technological and sustainable company event. We'd love to work with you on...
Boosting the innovation-mindset with the training Design Thinking.
Building your team during a BYOR team building workshop
A company event on location for kids (of employees)
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Design Thinking Training

Give your team a new mindset with BYOR's Design Thinking training. The accessible BYOR electronics kun je binnen een dagdeel de verschillende stappen van het ontwerpproces doorlopen, met een werkend (papieren) prototype als resultaat. Door de motortjes, lampjes, buzzers en verschillende sensors van BYOR krijgt je prototype een nieuwe dimensie. Naast het bouwen van je prototype wordt er gebrainstormd van te voren en gepitcht na afloop. Doe snelle iteraties door simpel te bouwen en snel te testen. Krijg een creatievere en innovatievere mindset met de training design thinking van BYOR!

Team building

Working together constructively during your company activity? The BYOR team-building activity is the most fun way to do something completely different together. This workshop can be varied by implementing different themes. Because we build together in different groups, the teambuilding aspect comes to the fore. In some cases, the creations of the groups can also form a larger whole. Like in the superhero suit building-workshop where each group makes part of the suit and at the end 'the hero' wears all the parts to form a complete suit. The teambuilding workshop can even be done online, by implementing creative solutions.
“It was a very interesting session yesterday. I enjoyed that very much. And I learned that you guys are really incredible smart and creative colleagues.”

Participant Online Workshop @ Philips Sensorization

Activities for kids

Looking for a modern, creative and sustainable activity for children during a company day or kidsday? Let them build their own robots (or something completely different, of course) out of cardboard and electronics. The BYOR electronics were originally designed for children to let them upgrade their crafts to real working robots, devices or interactive works of art. BYOR has since been applied to different target groups with different purposes but of course it is still ideal for working with children. The possibilities are endless because it works with cardboard and simple electronics in the form of motors, lights, buzzers, and various sensors. This combined with the boundless imagination of children and BYOR's supervisors, always ensures a beautiful result.

In the classroom

Of course, it's also possible to sponsor classroom workshops and/or lesson series. This can fit in with a good CSR policy and/or the aim of technology or sustainability promotion. We can arrange this workshop in collaboration. Contact us for more information on this.
"Experienced a nice collaboration with Teun to give online workshops to primary school students, with the help of ABN AMRO volunteers."

Elseric Post, Project officer @ ABN AMRO Foundation

Meet the trainer

Corporate training and other custom activities are mostly supervised by Teun van Roessel, owner and designer of BYOR Build Your Own Robot. As an entrepreneur, designer and author, Teun finds everything to do with making interesting, preferably with a human side. He likes nothing better than to take a group of people away from their daily routine and get them working creatively.

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