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BYOR workshops

In the BYOR workshops, students, teachers or other groups enter the creative design process together. The process is guided by our staff. Workshops can be done at different locations and with different themes such as litter, art or programming. Participants will brainstorm together, conduct research, make design sketches, build prototypes with BYOR and then test and present them (see Design Thinking in Education). Depending on the time and space available, this design process can be shortened or extended. Workshops can last an hour, half a day or several half-days. Ideal for a guest lesson, study day or event, for example.

Design Thinking in Education

Workshops and classes with BYOR follow the design cycle to provide an in-depth learning experience. Participants think about their target audience, the context in which their design will be used, the boundary conditions of their design, etc. They brainstorm and make design sketches. The prototypes they build are reviewed by other participants and in some cases actually tested with the target group! At the end of the cycle, the design and test results are presented to the rest of the group.
Because the students work independently in groups, this process lends itself perfectly to learning 21st century skills!


Program your own creations with BYOR! During the programming workshop, participants will use the Micro:bit in combination with the BYOR Easyboard (brain) to programme their own robot. When there is less time and/or the focus is mainly on programming, our standard robots can also be programmed or the building time can be reduced considerably.