BYOR Workshops

Let's build together at your event, school or company

BYOR Workshops

During the BYOR workshop, students, teachers or other groups will engage in the creative design process. The process is guided by our employees. Workshops can be done at different locations and with different themes such as recycling, art or programming. Participants will brainstorm together, do research, create design sketches, build prototypes with BYOR and then test and present them (see Design Thinking). Depending on the time and space available, this design cycle can be shortened or extended. Workshops can last an hour, half a day or several sessions over different days. Ideal for a guest lecture, seminar or event.

Design Thinking

During the workshops and lessons with BYOR, the design cycle is used to provide an in-depth learning experience. The participants think about their target group, the context in which their design is used, the framework conditions of their design etc. Participants will do brainstorms and make design sketches. The prototypes they build are judged by other participants and in some cases really tested with the target group! At the end of the cycle, the design and test results are presented to the rest of the group.
By working independently in groups on the design, this process is perfect for learning the 21st century skills!


Program your own creations with BYOR! During the workshop programming, participants will use the Micro:bit in combination with the BYOR Easyboard (brain) to program their own robot. When there is less time and/or the focus is mainly on programming, our standard robots can be programmed or the building time can be significantly reduced.

Reuse and Recycling

Before and during the workshop emphasis can be placed on the different materials being used. The parts of BYOR are made for easy fastening on old paper, cardboard or plastic. A fun and educational addition can be to encourage participants to bring their own waste from home and let them look creatively at these materials. In this way they become aware of their own waste stream and the possibilities that these materials still offer.