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Build with your class!

Active building from age 7 and up
Extremely accessible electronics
Use free materials
Perfect way to teach the 21st century skills
Reusable in multiple creations

The School Kit

Active learning

Enough for two creations and 8 students! With many extras and extensive teaching materials


Off to a flying start with the Edu Starter kit

Enough for 1 creation and four students

4 x input and 4 x output + Easyboard Incl. basic teaching materials


Start simple with a Kick-off kit

Be creative with technology from ages 7 and up! €49,99

For 2-4 students, includes all necessary accessories and blueprint


Individual parts, expansion parts and building kits


The perfect tools for your craft work!

Plastic screws and tools to build super sturdy cardboard creations!

Start with the basics: BYOR Blast off-kit (Edu)

2 input and 2 output parts + teaching materials €99,99

For two students, including all necessary accessories and blueprint


Rather work with the professionals from BYOR?

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