The BYOR school kit is the most complete BYOR kit available; in fact, in addition to enough BYOR parts to build two creations, it also includes all sorts of useful tools, such as stepper motor attachments and plastic templates. In addition to the role cards, the construction book and a blueprint, this set also includes access to BYOR's extensive teaching materials. These materials are suitable for upper primary and lower secondary schools. Lessons consist of lesson manuals and workbooks. The School Kit comes in a hard plastic storage case for practical application.

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Complete set with BYOR electronics teaching materials and blueprint monkey
Build from age 8 and up
Up to 8 builders simultaneously
6 input parts 6 output parts
2 brains

Learn more about how BYOR works on our information page!
See our Inspiration-page for creations you can make with this kit!

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Biggest BYOR kit there is. There's also a smaller education set and there are educational sets for ages 7 and up.

The (online) teaching materials included in this kit make it easy to create the best design-based learning lessons. With the included role cards each student is assigned a certain role in the design process (designer, engineer or salesman). In addition, this kit includes the blueprint (construction kit) for a robot monkey, so you can easily start building. Of course, various self-conceived creations can also be built with the school kit. For further inspiration on building, see also our Inspiration-page.

Additional Information



Easyboard (4 input and 4 output connections, expandable with the micro:bit) 2x
Sound sensor (Input) 1x
Remote sensor (Input) 2x
Rotary knob (Input) 2x
Light sensor (Input) 1x
LED light (output) 2x
Buzzer (output) 1x
Stepper motor (output) 2x
Servomotor (output) 1x


Power bank (incl. charging cable + manual) 2x
USB DC Power Cable 2x
Box of cotter pins (100 cotter pins) 1x
Sensor Cables 12x
Sensor Cable Extender 4x
Sensor Cable Splitter 2x
Plastic Robot arm Construction Template 3x
Set of motor attachments (Toothed wheels, pulleys, arm.) 1x
User manual

Teaching materials

Set of role cards
5 lessons design learning (lesson modifiers + workbooks) (digital)
5 creative programming lessons (lesson modifiers + workbooks) (digital)


30x38x7 cm


1.7 kg

Language Course material

German, English, Dutch