Mission Control EN 4




You caught Remo the robot monkey!

Yes, they are! The aliens you helped didn't keep that quiet. They're very impressed with your creations.
They're working on a new model of space station. And that should hold up in our atmosphere.

Can you build a version of the space station? The blueprints are in the kit you have.
The space station uses the same parts you used before and some new ones.
For example the light sensor, try them out!
Watch the video and follow the steps to build the space station.
When you are (almost) finished you will see that the brain is hanging outside the station. That's not random.
This way you can easily add the programmable chip!
Go to your space account to start the programming missions!

Mission 3

Building a space station

Scroll down for the steps

The plan

The aliens are impressed by your rescue efforts! They are testing a new space station and hopefully you will make one on Earth to see how it survives in your atmosphere.

Please note! For this creation you need (almost) all of the parts that are in the full kit sit down. You can also expand your starter kit so you have as much stuff as a full kit.

BYOR space station components (Electronics)

The space station contains a lot of parts! Here is the complete list.

The stepper motor (2x)

The button

The LED (2x)

The distance sensor

The buzzer

The light sensor

The servo motor

The sound sensor

So there are a lot of parts that need to be built in. If you think: that will not fit in the Easyboard, then you are right, we use splitter cables for this.

The splitter cable turns one connection into two connections. So at one side you still need two signal cables to connect components.

Try the splitter cable, connect 2 output parts (green) to the splitter outputs (use two normal signal cables for this). And then connect the splitter input, to the green side on the Easyboard. Connect an inputpart (blue) opposite to this one to the Easyboard and power the Easyboard with the powerbnk. Give the blue input-part a signal. Do both green parts light up?

Try it with two components that consume little power, for example two LEDs. With two stepper motors it doesn't always work.

The flowchart

With every electrical device that is designed, a flowchart is drawn. This schematic shows how the electronics should work. Fortunately, the electronics of BYOR are very easy to use and the wiring diagram below will do for now. Follow the lines and see how everything will be connected.

For the branches of the lines you use the splitter cables.


Construction of the space station

Use the blueprint the aliens sent with the BYOR-electronics to make a space station. If you don't have the blueprint you can order it here.

This is how you use the blueprint

As with the other blueprints, stick the blueprint on cardboard and then cut along the dotted lines. Sometimes it is more convenient to first cut the shapes out of the paper, then stick them on cardboard and then cut out the shape in the cardboard again. Fold lines and the location of split pins are also indicated. The space station requires some tricks which are only used in

To build the communication dish, you need the blueprint and the BYOR parts in addition to the blueprint:
-A pair of scissors
-A prick (or a prick pin)
-Split pens


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