RGB LED-lampje

Creates light of all colors


Discover mixing colours of light and create the most beautiful colours with the RGB LED! The RGB LED can light up in all colours. The light has three inputs for all three basic colours of light; Red, Green and Blue. The LED lights up red when it gets signal on the red input, green when it gets signal on the green input and blue when it gets signal on the blue input. So you choose which colour of light the LED will emit by choosing the connection. It gets really fun when you start mixing the colours by giving different input signals at the same time! The higher signal the LED light receives, the brighter it lights up.

Build something nice around it. A piece of sanded, clear plastic gives a nice effect, especially in the dark!

A signal cable is included with this part
This part is an output part (actuator)

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Signal cable


Output part

40 x 40 x 15 mm

0,025 Kg