RGB LED light

Make all colours light


Discover mixing colours of light and make the most beautiful colour with the RGB-LED! The RGB-LED can emit light just like the LED but this time in all colours. The light has three inputs for all three basic colours of light; Red, Green and Blue. The LED lights up red when it receives a signal on the red input, green when it receives a signal on the green input and blue when it receives a signal on the blue input. So you can choose the colour of the light by selecting the connection. It gets really fun when you mix the colours by giving inputs a signal at the same time! The more signal the LED receives, the brighter it will be.

Build something nice around it. A piece of sanded, transparent plastic gives a nice effect, especially in the dark!

The RGB LED comes with a signal cable as standard.
The RGB LED is an output component (actuator)

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Signal cable


Output section

40 x 40 x 15 mm

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