Author: Teun van Roessel


Owner and designer of BYOR, Teun, was on TV last Saturday in the new creative technical program Tik 'm aan!

In the program chain reactions are built by different teams and they compete for the title of best chain reaction builder of the Netherlands. Due to the nature of the program there is a lot of creativity and technique involved. Teun and Joris (or Roessel and Jorlando) have the mission to make it sustainable. In the first episode you see a chain reaction that represents the raw material chain of a smartphone and shows what is involved. The goal is to make people aware of all the e-waste we are piling up. The jury really liked the story of this 'almost too technical' chain reaction.

Teun, Joris and BYOR are through to the next round! The show will be broadcasted on NPO1 on Saturday 20:30 and will be hosted by Emma Wortelboer and Frank Evenblij.
Do you want to start building chain reactions yourself? We have a new package for building these machines. The package includes the chain reaction construction booklet, where you learn how to build useful elements for your reaction with BYOR!

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Update of the BYOR workshop series!

Luckily we could start giving workshops again last Wednesday. Because of the strict measures this is now only possible for special education. This is the first workshop in a series of 5 workshops. It was great fun to be able to work in the classroom again! The whole series will be great, especially with this enthusiastic group. The workshops have the following components:

✍🏻 Design
3D modeling (& printing)

We are very happy to get back to work! Follow us on social media to see all the creations made.

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New products! BYOR Smart Crafts

BYOR Smart Crafts | A new dimension in crafting!

Tinkering with electronics becomes even easier with the BYOR Smart Crafts. All you need is some cardboard and a smartphone. Download our app in the appstore or google playstore, build it in cardboard and you have an interactive creation! We also offer different construction kits that make building with the app even more fun. Because these are all made of cardboard you can expand them and make them beautiful!

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