Kickoff-Kit Knob + Stepper


The kickoff kit is the easiest way to start building creations! Because the kickoff-kits contain a small Easyboard (brain), it is even easier to get started. Ideal for the little ones. You can build with two children at the same time. This kit contains the blueprint (building kit) for a rotating windmill but you can also make a ferris wheel, a candy machine and much more! Look for more possible creations on our instruction page Or Inspiration-page.

Full set with BYOR electronics And a blueprint
Build from age 7 and up
Up to two builders at the same time
1 input part 1 output part

Discover how building works on our information page!
See our Inspiration-page for creations you can make with this kit!

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The kickoff kit includes everything you need to get started building your creations.

There are two more kickoff kits! You can connect kickoff kits, as you can see in the video below.

Expand your kit!

Additional Information

Weight 0.35 kg

Easyboard Mini 1x
Rotary Knob (Input) 1x
Stepper motor (output) 1x
USB DC Power Cable
Sensor Cables 2x
Split Pens