Starter Kit


Start building right out of the box with this complete BYOR kit! There are 6 different input and output parts of the BYOR starter kit. This kit has a large brain which allows all the different parts to be connected at the same time. There is also the possibility of connecting a micro:bit (not included in this kit) in order to program the brain itself. Programming is not a necessity, the brain works directly out of the box.

Complete set with BYOR electronics And blueprints
Build from 8 years old and up
Up to four builders at the same time
3 input parts 3 output parts
The ideal start for Mission Control

Discover the different possibilities of the kit and build each part into your robot. Discover how it works on our information page!
See our Inspiration-page for creations you can make with this kit!

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This kit is intended for children of ages 8 and up but because of the differences in applications it is also very suitable for a (much) older target group.
This kit comes with three blueprints (construction kits) in order to be able to start building easily (flashlight, robot monkey and communication dish). Of course, you can also use it to build various creations of your own. The blueprints in this kit fit exactly into the storyline of BYOR Mission Controlwhere you're asked to help aliens by building different creations for them.
Prefer a somewhat simpler kit? Then take a look at the different kickoff kits. Prefer more possibilities? Then take a look at the full kit.

Mission Control

With the starter kit you can do the first three missions of Mission Control! Mission Control is the storyline of BYOR. Aliens are trapped in orbit around the Earth and have sent down alien BYOR technology. Can you help the aliens get back to their home planet? Start the story with the parts that come with the Starter Kit! See the introduction video below. Go to BYOR Mission Control!

Additional Information


Easyboard (4 input and 4 output connections, expandable with the micro:bit) 1x
Distance sensor (Input) 1x
Sound sensor (Input) 1x
Rotary Knob (Input) 1x
LED Light (Output) 1x
Servo motor (output) 1x
Stepper Motor (output) 1x
USB Power Cable 1x
Power Bank (incl. charging cable + manual) 1x
Set of Split pens (30 split Pins) 1x
Sensor Cables 8x
Sensor Cable Extender 1x
Sensor Cable Splitter 1x
User manual
Blueprints Flashlight
Blueprints Communication dish
Blueprints Monkey


Input (electricity) (DC Plug): 5 Volts
Output (4x stereo jack plug): 5 volts
Input signal (4 x stereo jack plug): 0-5 volts

Power Bank
Capacity: 2600 mah
Input: 5 volt/1 A
Output: 5 volt/1 A


231 x 170 x 94 mm