Mission Control EN 2




You caught Remo the robot monkey!

Great! The aliens have seen the signals from your flashlight!
The aliens want to call home for help now!

The signal from their radio won't make it to their home planet. They need help.
That's why we're going to make a communication dish for them!
Follow the steps on this site to build a dish!
And if you see my robot monkey somewhere, can you touch it?
Nice! You've got all the parts working.
Now it's time to make the spinning saucer!
Luckily there is another blueprint for this creation, super handy!
This is gonna be a fat thing! Be sure to send us a movie when it's finished.
I wonder if it all works out! Let us know via the form below!

Mission 2

Building a communication dish

Scroll down for the steps

The plan

The aliens are sending a radio signal to their home planet. We're going to amplify this signal with a communications dish. A radio signal consists of radio waves, which go as fast as the speed of light! Want to know more about radio waves: Then click here(other website).

BYOR parts of the communication dish (Electronics)

In order to help the aliens send their message to their home planet, we're going to build a communications dish. We are going to make this with the Stepper motor and the Button (on the back of the parts it says which parts they are).

The Stepper Motor

The button


The Distance Sensor

The first step is to make the parts react to each other. Connect the stepper motor directly opposite the button to the Easyboard. The green part on the green side and the blue part on the blue side. Do the same for the LED and the Distance Sensor.
The parts that need electricity are called the electronics. Devices and robots often consist of electronics and mechanics. Mechanics are all physical parts that further build up the device.
Make sure your Easyboard has power (so connect the powerbank) and turn the knob, what happens? Put your hand in front of the distance sensor, what happens then? Does nothing happen? Are all cables properly connected? And is the powerbank charged?

Building with the stepper motor

As you'll see on the blueprint you have to cut a hole where the protruding part at the bottom of the engine falls in before placing the bike.

Drawing holes for the engine. This step is already done for you in the blueprints.


For the stepper motor, the attachment can be loosened. This allows you to easily attach parts to it with split pins.

Make sure that you push the attachment well on the spindle of the motor again. The hole is not round, but has the same shape as the spindle. This ensures that the axle has a grip when it turns and does not go round without pushing the attachment.


Building the dish

Use the blueprint the aliens sent with the BYOR electronics to make the communication dish. If you don't have the blueprint you can also order it here.

This is how you use the blueprint

As with the flashlight, stick the blueprint on cardboard and then cut along the dotted lines. Sometimes it is more convenient to first cut the shapes out of the paper, then paste them onto cardboard and then cut out the shape in the cardboard again. Fold lines and the location of split pins are also indicated.

To build the communication dish you will need, besides the blueprint and the BYOR parts: -A pair of scissors -Glue -Cardboard -A skewer (or a skewer pen) -Split pen


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